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In A Lonely Place


Any follower of Andrew Weatherall (a particularly fervent and erudite tribe) will be familiar with ‘The Sons of Slough.’ Comprising Andrew’s brother Ian and Duncan Gray, they have produced music together for twenty years and throughout Andrew has been an avid supporter playing their records at his shows, helping Duncan set up his Tici Taci label and generally being a good friend.

Ian and Duncan have reworked New Order’s “In a Lonely Place” as a homage to Factory and the inspiration they were to a whole generation. David Holmes, Keith Tenniswood and Sean Johnston (all long time Weatherall collaborators) used the track as a jumping off point bringing Factory, New Order, their own musical perspective and most of all Andrew together in a unique tribute to shared times and fond memories.

The digital version will be released to mark the first anniversary of Andrew’s passing on February 17th. Vinyl will follow in June.


01) In A Lonely Place
02) In A Lonely Place (David Holmes Rework)
03) In A Lonely Place (Keith Tenniswood Remix)
04) In A Lonely Place (Hardway Bros Axis Dub)

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RGC Archive Hour Vol. 1

  1. Don’t Let Your Love Fade Away / Gene Williams
  2. Teen Rock / The Teen Rockers
  3. Jungle Call / The Spartans
  4. It Is A Vanity / Gabo Brown and Orchestre Poly Ritho
  5. Long Life / Prince Far I and The Arabs
  6. Indian Moon / The Chieftones
  7. Le Espalace / Do Make Say Think
  8. The Ghost Of Baghdad / The Tropics Of Cancer
  9. Sketch For Dawn / The Durutti Column
  10. Tribal War / Black Roots
  11. Rainy Day Bergen Women / Jackie Leven
  12. Dread / John Phillips
  13. I Feel Like Going Home / Charlie Rich
  14. Stand By Me / Fuxa
  15. The Sweeney (Closing Theme) / Harry South

News, events & releases

Andrew WeatherallWith the slight easing of the lockdown we are now able to focus on the future and how we can celebrate Andrew’s legacy.

We are in the early stages of planning a celebration of his life at a live event, in a book and as a film.

We are only just beginning to catalogue his studio contents, a wealth of music, jottings and the incessant confirmation of an unrestrained life full of experiences and interests limited only by the time he had over when not making or playing music.

We would welcome any anecdotes and reminiscences, photographs, drawings, posters or other artefacts and ephemera that shed light on his life. We are also hoping to have at the event a means by which friends and admirers can record their thoughts and memories to include in the archive.

Please send anything you might have to

If someone other than yourself needs to be acknowledged, (e.g. a photographer), please include the credit. The photograph on this page is by John Barrett.

If you wish to mark his memory we would be grateful for any donations made to charities that were important to him:
Amnesty International
Multiple Sclerosis Society
Thrombosis UK


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