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Andrew Weatherall

If ‘Convenanza’, released in February, was a distillation of all Andrew Weatherall’s influences in one place then ‘Consolamentum’ takes that instinct a step further. Here he invites friends old and new to rework the tracks from Convenanza in their own style.

Praise for ‘Convenanza’:

DJ Mag – 8.5/10 – “’Convenanza’ might just be his most accomplished LP yet.”
Q – 4/5 – “a mighty tasty spread.”
XLR8R – 8/10 – “a seamless blend of live drums and bass, electronics and scuzz, atmosphere and intrigue… it just sounds like Weatherall.”
Groove – “a great success”

Available on CD, double LP (700 copies) and download.
Release date 21st October 2016.

You can now order the CD from us here and we’ll send it straight away.

Listen to the album on Soundcloud.


01) We Count The Stars (Unloved Remix) ***
02) The Confidence Man (Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s Remix) ***
03) Frankfurt Advice (Red Axes Remix) ***
04) The Last Walk (Vox Low Riding The White Horse Version)
05) Disappear (Duncan Gray Remix) ***
06) Thirteenth Night (Timothy J Fairplay Remix) ***
07) The Confidence Man (Sons Of Slough Remix)
08) Frankfurt Advice (Heretic Remix) ***
09) Kicking The River (Solar Bears Remix)
10) The Last Walk (Black Devil Disco Club Rework)
11) Ghosts Again (Scott Fraser Vocal Dub)

Please note the LP version is 8 tracks and includes *** plus
The Confidence Man (The Emperor Machine Dub)
Ghosts Again (Scott Fraser Ghosts In The Piano Mix)


Live at Antenna Studios

This set is from the Moine Dubh launch party this summer. Enjoy!

In the mix:

  1. The Optic Nerve / Death And Vanilla
  2. Outside Forever / Jacco Gardner
  3. Low Light / The Soundcarriers
  4. Just For Me / Manfred Mann
  5. Mission Desire / Jane Weaver
  6. Things In My Head / Pure X
  7. Observatory Crest / Captain Beefheart
  8. I Follow You / Melody's Echo Chamber
  9. Atlantic Postcard / The Holydrug Couple
  10. Game Love / Gulp
  11. Stranger In The Room / Michael Chapman
  12. That Old Space Rocket / Danny And The Champions
  13. To Live Is To Fly / Townes Van Zandt
  14. October Sun / Matt Berry
  15. A Pox On The Pioneers / Andrew Weatherall
  16. Fire / Landshapes
  17. La Fille De la Ligne / The Liminanas
  18. Nocturnal Emissions / Shilpa Ray
  19. 4 AM / The Fauns
  20. Witchi Tai To / Harpers Bizarre


News, events & releases


Deadstock 33s remix

Andrew recently remixed a track for Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s and it’s available on the ‘Everything is Turbulence (Remixed)’ LP which is out on 27th January on Skint Records.

Listen on Soundcloud

Faber Social event

Faber Social Presents: Go Ahead And Drop The Bomb

Faber Social present a night of literature, music and poetry joined by Mr Weatherall on Wednesday 8th February 2017.

Tickets (£8 +b/f) and more info can be found here


Television Blues

Andrew recently filmed an interview with Television Blues, a new, independent, online music programme, featuring encounters with the great and the good from the world of music.

We highly recommend their series of short films which include Chain and the Gang, Guitar Wolf and more…

Check out their website here.

Watch here


Weatherall NTS show 2017 dates

Hopefully you’ve managed to catch Andrew’s shows on NTS, if not then past shows are archived here.

The shows are every four weeks and on air live from 1-3pm (UK) forthcoming shows are 19th January, 16th February and 16th March. You can listen live online here.


Beats In Space

While Andrew was in New York he recorded a show for Beats in Space. Have a listen via their website or SoundCloud on the link below.

Listen on SoundCloud


Weatherall / Dexys

Mr Weatherall has created an extended mix of ‘Grazing In The Grass’ from Dexys’ latest album, Let The Record Show: Dexys Do Irish And Country Soul. The track is available to download now, have a listen online below.

Listen on SoundCloud


Weatherall & Solar Bears

Mr Weatherall has created not one but two remixes of ‘Separate From the Arc’ by Solar Bears. They will be released on 29th July on Sunday Best, the 12” is limited to only 300 copies so get your order in here.

You can get a sneak preview of both mixes online now. Mix 1 Mix 2


Serial Experiments mix

When our friends at Why People Dance asked Andrew to provide their 100th mix he was happy to oblige. In fact he made a two hour long set for them. Enjoy…

Listen on SoundCloud


Weatherall on Cowbell Radio

You can now hear Andrew’s appearance as guest host of the second hour of the Parabox radio show. He plays tracks which have influenced him in the past and still resonate today.

Listen on Mixcloud


Weatherall mix for Phonica

Mr Weatherall has completed a rather fine mix for our friends at Phonica. It’s titled ‘Phonic-a-delic (A Trip Through the Back Wall)’ and gives a taste of some of the more esoteric records which they stock.

Listen here


Weatherall mix for Soundwall

Our friends at Soundwall magazine in Italy have uploaded a new mix from Andrew, you can listen to it here. I’ll leave it to Mr W to describe: “I recently had to re-locate my record library and it led to the culling of 6,000 records and hours of re-discovery as I unpacked what was left. I have recorded some of these listening sessions and they will be aired as a series entitled ‘The R.G.C. Library Archive Hour’.” This is number seven and we’ll post the other mixes as they appear online.


The Woodleigh Research Facility - out now

‘The Phoenix Suburb’ is the sound of Andrew Weatherall and Nina Walsh taking a disgruntled sine wave for a walk, throwing it sticks, skimming it on a rough sea and scrunching it up and leaving it at the bottom of a bag over a long weekend. It’s trying to cheer up D minor with ball games and scrabble, puppet shows with tutu’d ponies and frizzy haired gonks and clips of cavorting kittens before giving up and crushing it between rocks mined by sobbing orphans. It’s loading the hum kick and the ticky snare on a tandem and pushing them down the stairs. It’s the final note of Mahler’s 11th heard through an iphone’s earbuds then told its parents had died but why it should dance the polka anyway because life, of sorts, still goes on.

Available on double LP (1000 copies) on 8th January.

You can order the LP here or it will be available in all the usual shops.

The download release date will be 12th February.

An announcement from The Woodleigh Research Facility

Stream The Phoenix Suburb here



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