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Facility 4 EP series

The Woodleigh Research Facility

A message from the Chairman:

Greetings sisters and brothers and welcome to ‘Facility 4’ the digital outlet for all things Woodleigh Research. We will be releasing three track EPs of new W.R.F. material once a month starting with ‘Into The Cosmic Hole’.

The title track was written and recorded in the days following a ten-hour A.L.F.O.S set at Berlin’s ‘Cocktail D’Amore’ in a state that could be described as “woozy joyous afterglow”. Track 2, ‘Phonox Special No 1 (Outer Space)’, was written and recorded especially for use at A.L.F.O.S. at Phonox in Brixton. There will be further bespoke Phonox inspired compositions appearing on EPs later in the series. The closing track, ‘Birthday 3’, is a wistful chord progression with cheap drum machine accompaniment affair unintentionally inspired by The Stockholm Monsters.

'Into The Cosmic Hole' EP - out 31st January

01) Into The Cosmic Hole
02) Phonox Special No. 1 (Outer Space)
03) Birthday Three


NTS January 2020

  1. Jagged Mountain Melts at Dawn / PRANA CRAFTER
  2. The Ship Was Sailing / VITO RICCI
  3. The Cruel Psychic / G.S. SCHRAY
  4. Manticore (Johnny Nash Remix) / MACHETE SAVANE
  5. Por Qué / ANU LUZ
  6. Wolfstar / LUKE SANGER
  7. Waukon / KAREN GWYER
  8. Lightning And The Flight Of Birds / NEPTUNE
  9. Swivel / STEVEN LEGGET
  10. Interspace In Both Ways / ANA BOGNER
  11. Between Worlds Ft. Christos Sakellaridis / CONSTANTINE
  12. October / FELSMANN + TILEY
  13. Ajna / DREAM DIARY
  14. The Descending Moonshine Dervishes / TERRY RILEY, DON CHERRY
  15. Shadow Play / RYAN TEAGUE
  16. Tystnaden & Ensamheten / D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.
  17. Awakenings (Stefano Onorati Ambient Remix) / LUCA BACCHETTI
  18. Floating Landscape / DARRYL PARSONS


News, events & releases


Unknown Plunderer EP

Andrew will be releasing a new EP on Byrd Out in February. It’s a two track vinyl EP with ‘Unknown Plunderer’ and ‘End Times Sound’.

The digital release features remixes of ‘Unknown Plunderer’ by Radioactive Man and Manfredas.

Pre-order here


Deanne Day EPs reissued

Mint Condition have reissued the two EPs Andrew recorded with David Harrow in the mid-90s. ‘The Day After’ and ‘Long First Friday / Hardly Breathe’ are now available on 12” for the first time since the original Emissions releases. Available at all good record shops.


Weatherall NTS show 2020 dates

Hopefully you’ve managed to catch Andrew’s shows on NTS, if not then past shows are archived here.

The shows are every four weeks and on air live from 1-3pm (UK) forthcoming shows are January 30th, February 27th and March 26th. You can listen live online here.


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