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Andrew Weatherall

Mr Weatherall’s new album is out now on P-Vine Records (Japan) and Hoga Nord Rekords (rest of the world). Listen to the opening track ‘Evidence The Enemy’ via The Quietus and ‘Spreads A Haze (And A Glory)’ via XLR8R and you can order direct: double LP or cassette or CD the album will also be available for download/streaming.

Over to Andrew to describe the album:
“Mr Brackstone, my psychic shepherd, when confronted by the facts would probably say it was cosmic synchronicity but then again he would because he’s Jung at heart. Others may cite mere coincidence. These are the facts. I’ll leave the metaphysical debate for another time…

It’s all about the black notebooks as memorial device and “The Black Notebook” and “This Is Memorial Device”. At the same time as reading Mr Modiano and Mr Keenan I was ensconced in the Woodleigh Research Facility investigating a method of composition sparked by a random event too prosaic for the telling; unless of course we go back to “The Red Book” and see the hand of Jah [the D.M.T molecule that steers human existence] at work. After all it was him/her/non-binary that sent me the “shave your beard off” message. And the “don’t buy any more drugs” one.

Whatever your leanings the music on “Qualia” is the result of images, feelings and thought processes stirred up by Monsieur Modiano and Mister Keenan channeled through the medium of a sonic noteboook – in itself the memoir of somebody else’s life/fiction.

My own black notebooks, like Jean’s [Modiano’s protagonist] stir the silt of memory and birth as many mysteries as memories. They also provided the track titles.”


1.) Evidence the Enemy
2.) Darktown Figures
3.) Spreads a Haze (And a Glory)
4.) Saturday International
5.) Between Stations
6.) Soft Estates
7.) Selling the Shadow
8.) Vorfreude 2


R.G.C. Archive Hour Vol. 11

  1. Windsong / Black Merda
  2. Sounds Of Silence / Don Sebesky
  3. But She Ran The Other Way / John Schroeder Orchestra
  4. Sahara Stone / Quincy Jones
  5. Tides / Simon Park
  6. The Succubus / Annette Peacock
  7. Searching Questions / Ralph Carmichael
  8. De Sade / Bruno Nicolai
  9. Spiral / The Harry Roche Constellation
  10. The Seventh Plane / The Mystic Moods
  11. Come Maddalaena / Ennio Morricone
  12. I Said, She Said, Ah Cid / The Animated Egg


News, events & releases


The Woodleigh Research Facility & Loopmasters

Loopmasters present Andrew Weatherall & Nina Walsh as Woodleigh Research Facility – an experimental collection of other worldly recordings and abstract sounds to raise the tension in your productions. Provided 100% Royalty Free for your music, this collection is an elusive looking glass into a distant sonic realm, created by two master musicians.


Weatherall interview

While Andrew was in Sydney he dropped in to 2SER’s Static show for a chat with Chris Berkley. Listen to the interview here.


Weatherall NTS show 2017 dates

Hopefully you’ve managed to catch Andrew’s shows on NTS, if not then past shows are archived here.

The shows are every four weeks and on air live from 1-3pm (UK) forthcoming shows are 26th October, 23rd November and 21st December. You can listen live online here.


RGC Archive Hour mixes

Andrew has created a series of monthly mixes, which appear on the Music’s Not For Everyone page below.

“After de-commissioning the Axis bunker I decided to purge and re-acquaint. The purge took the form of selling 5,000 records and the acquaintance involved listening and compiling with the result being ‘M.N.F.E. (The R.G.C. Archive Editions)’. This will (hopefully) be a monthly transmission featuring images from my ‘Evidence The Enemy’ print exhibition.”

The first eleven mixes are online now and the next will be up mid-December.

Listen on the MNFE site


Weatherall & Keenan podcast

Brother Brother Brother caught up with Andrew and David Keenan at Port Eliot festival. Have a listen to the podcast here.


Exclusive track on Soma 25 compilation

The Woodleigh Research Facility has contributed an exclusive track to a compilation celebrating twenty five years of the Soma label. You can order the vinyl boxset and digital formats and it’s available on all the usual services.


Exclusive track on Subfield compilation

Mr Weatherall has a new track called ‘Kaif’ which appears exclusively on the compilation ‘Moving House 2017’ mixed by Geoffroy Mugwump. The album is available now via all the usual shops.

The album also includes tracks from artists such as Tuff City Kids, Roman Flügel, Cage & Aviary / Jamie Paton and Duncan Gray.

Listen to Kaif on Soundcloud



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